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Our mission: to provide high school teachers with the most appropriate visual tools to support effective learning and teaching in their classroom.
The tools we develop are software kits for the overhead projector - high-tech products for lo-tech use.

Animations and moving images like on school tv are processed in the short-term memory providing understanding quickly. The large screen presentations which Visual Teach provides as stand-stills for classroom instruction are ideal to anchor knowledge and understanding in the long-term memory.  Understanding how the brain's attention is triggered and how essential knowledge is accessed later on has determined the design of our large-screen presentations.  Our company name confirms that we do this specifically for the teacher so that instruction is as effective as possible.

'Visual Teach' is the only publisher worldwide specialising in the didactics of large-screen presentations. For recent research outcomes in visual learning, visit our website and click the ‘Research & Practice’ tab at http://www.visualteach.info/

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Our vision on modernisation of education in middle and low income countries:
Introduction of computer technologies (IT) on schools is best harmonised with alternative, proven ICT technologies for classroom instruction.  IT is still is too complex, fragile and expensive to be installed in many classrooms (see "Reality check 20 years IT").  Low-cost reliable ICT information and communication technologies such as an overhead projector running our up-to-date software kits, working alongside school radio or school TV, offers teachers a meaningful intermediate step towards more complex classroom set-ups.
In a harmonised  IT-ICT policy, a supportive nationwide infrastructure for digital teaching can be developed to begin with bringing computer labs onto the schools ( see "IT and ICT harmonised").
At present, modernisation of classroom teaching is immediately possible through use of manageable ICT.  From "chalk and talk" to visualisation is more than an historic leap forward - it helps teachers master classroom strategies needed for effective digital teaching (see "Visual teaching").

Our achievable ICT program
Teachers need practical tools to work with that are reliable. In the Nationwide Visualisation Project we provide practical know-how to build an effective material infrastructure for visualisation in schools. This Project includes the software and hardware needed for visual teaching,  an implementation schedule of 5 months and a 'train the trainers - train the teachers' program for interactive visual teaching.  We support institutionalisation of this Project at any educational level - school, college, university and the supportive institutions as the Inspectorate and Examination Board.
For more see "Our Nationwide Project".

Visual Teach is a Dutch firm and the sole worldwide provider of the Visual Teach curriculum kits detailed here.

Welcome to our 600 meter square office space, showroom and storage facilities.

A word from the publisher
The harmonised IT-ICT approach for educational innovation 
in middle and low income countries is simple, effective and cost-saving
 • Prepare your schools for full information and computer literacy by starting safely with computer labs. These labs as digital libraries also become bases for computer assisted learning for which we can provide you with excellent digital visual curriculum kits.

• Prepare your teachers that are used to chalk and talk. Bring achievable ICT in their classrooms now by adopting Visual Teach. Our Nationwide Visualisation Project can be rolled out within 5 months. Teachers will get used to visualisation, interactive teaching and change their approach in planning and setting teaching goals. Computers can always be used alongside our Project as the technical infrastructure is secured in schools and the wider community so that the didactics are improved for flexible and wide-ranging digital teaching.  Providing an intermediate and cost-effective step today will empower your teachers and encourage them for tomorrow.

I look forward to establishing a partnership which provides a boost to secondary education in your country through use of the Nationwide Visualisation Project. Your response to the information given on this site would be highly appreciated. We can always arrange an appointment to meet face to face.

Yours faithfully,

Drs Jan Krol,
Director Visual Teach - achievable ICT

e-address: jantjekrol@gmail.com
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For more information about the Nationwide Visualisation Project and ICT implementation
or to make an appointment, e-mail Jan Krol direct: jantjekrol@gmail.com
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and visit our website:  http://www.visualteach.info/

Visual  Teach - achievable ICT
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Visual Teach is the new name for transparencies to educate tte bv
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Teachers need in their classrooms robust and reliable tools.
The Visualisation Project introduces simple to use teaching aids.
Below:  put on - take off.

Just ask pupils to explain each of the
Three Laws on Motion 

One of the 450 large screen presentations for Physics

From 'chalk and talk' (repetitive learning) to visualisation,
interactivity and training of thinking skills for 5 key-subjects:

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Nationwide Visualisation Project  
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Visual  Teach - achievable ICT
large screen presentations
Gorterplaats 16  6531 HZ  Nijmegen  The Netherlands
Tel:  + 31 (0)24 - 35 53 777 Fax: + 31 (0)24 - 35 53 180
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