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 How to explain the water-cycle?  

Just put on - take off

One of our 3400 visuals:
products of the information revolution
 and its most important innovation, visualisation

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The concept  Our large screen presentations are for classroom instruction, as instant support for the teacher. The best images from near and far are used to trigger students' attention. Each visual is  designed to anchor knowledge and understanding in the long-term memory and includes a visual clue for easy recall.  Supportive texts in small script for immediate use without preparation, allow also pupils to use them independently.  
Each visual is made to motivate and to provide teachers with a central focus point for interactivity and classroom discussion. These put-on / take-off visuals with their high-tech design can be used in any situation. This is already proven worldwide.

Essential large screen presentations
Visual Teach develops since 1990 unique visual curriculums for secondary schools, each with 400 to 800 full colour transparencies. They visualise the key-topics found in any curriculum worldwide. The visuals are thematically arranged by subject in ringbinders and offer a comprehensive system to teach Geography, History, Biology, Health, Physics and Chemistry.
These visuals are also made available digitally: for teachers ready for IT.

Worldwide service 
Visual Curriculums are supplied directly to schools in Western Europe as well as in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, mainly to rich private and international schools. This happens also through a network of (sole-)distributors and to poor schools in developing countries as support of educational programmes of the EU, UNESCO and World Bank.

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Serving modernisation in middle-income countries
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Serving modernisation in low-income countries   

Visual Teach in projects in Africa
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Visual Teach system works autonomous 
  a report from Ethiopia
After visiting Amharic schools over a period of three years, donor Nick Crane concludes: "… this teaching method is one of the best available and applicable to secondary teaching in Ethiopia and I know Ato Asema (Educational Bureau Amhara Region) supports my view… In several schools the new teaching system works well without investing much effort  …this material is not being used correctly in some schools. More guidance might solve this problem…"

With 20 years worldwide experience 
we are now able to combine our unique know-how in a innovative product to modernise education in middle and low-income countries: the new Nationwide Visualisation Project.

The Nationwide Visualisation Project   
Visual Curriculum Kits for 5 key-subjects plus 15 large screens and 15 strong 400 Watt projectors per school are the basis for implementing visualisation as a nationwide teaching strategy, including training and institutionalisation at all levels in your education service.

For high schools - only electricity needed 
The new "Nationwide Visualisation Project" offers the missing intermediate step needed until the didactics and technology of IT, computer assisted learning, are mature, the infrastructure secure and teachers fully prepared for flexible use of IT in the classroom.

Teachers need in their classrooms robust and reliable tools to provide instant support.
The Visualisation Project introduces simple to use teaching aids. See below: Put on - take off.

How to explain progress in education?

One of the 400 large screen presentations for History
For each of the 5 subject 3 classrooms will be fully equipped - so 15 classrooms per school.

The Nationwide Visualisation Projects includes for all highschools
and teacher training centres all the hardware and the software for 5 key-subjects 

The Nationwide Visualisation Projects is a full package - including the tools for a highly effective 3-step implementation, the institutionalisation in all educational services, teacher training (below) and more: tab in the menu bar 'Visualisation Project'

Time-proven visualisation

 The rise of the overhead projector after the 1950s
 the most used ICT in classrooms ever

Short history
During World War II early computers (IT) were developed to decode 
Germans' secret codes and Oh-projectors (ICT) to instruct the US army:
from the army (step 1)
via business conferences (step 2)
to universities (step 3)
and then reached schools (step 4)

The USA started a nationwide policy in the 1950s.
Cold War The USSR copies the use of oh-p for effective teaching from the US, also in East Germany. West Germany reacted by also making oh-p use to educational policy like the UK followed the US.
No oh-p policy is developed in most countries leaving it up to individual teachers. Here the oh-p arrived mainly in classrooms of innovative teachers who made their own transparencies.

Visual Teach visual curriculum kits were introduced on schools after 1990, parallel to the computer. Our resource banks with ready-to-use visuals gave an extra boost to oh-p use in many countries in and outside Europe.
The Nationwide Visualisation Project is designed to make all teachers innovative users of the oh-p applying modern, interactive teaching strategies.

Strong points of the Nationwide Visualisation Project:
a new, yet time proven approach 
• using the eyes, the information highway into the brain
• no extra schooling needed - easy implementation    
• an one-off investment - a lasting improvement

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