"...Very high quality products, durable, hard-wearing...
Attractive resources for every school..."
J. Branfield, Inspectorate L.E.A., Essex UK

"...Visually attractive and clearly structured... very complicated phenomena are didactically simplified. Here in several cases, the ultimate in visualisation is reached..."
W. Freadrich, Hamburg Germany

"...No pain nor expense has been spared. Seldom was there such sound and beautiful material brought to the market for such a low price..."
H. van Duysen, teacher, Amsterdam NL

Serbia July 2009: Visiting a school that purchased a Visual Curriculum Kit Geography in Serbian language two years ago
School director: 
"Excellent materials, the geography teacher uses them  every day intensively and also teachers for other subjects are interested!" 

Visual Teach in projects in Africa

Visual Teach system works autonomous 
  a report from Ethiopia
After visiting Amharic schools over a period of three years, donor
Nick Crane concludes: "...this teaching method is one of the best available and applicable to secondary teaching in Ethiopia and I know Ato Asema (Educational Bureau Amhara Region) supports my view... In several schools the new teaching system works well without investing much effort  ...this material is not being used correctly in some schools. More guidance might solve this problem..."

effective implementation is at the heart
of the new
 "Nationwide Visualisation Project"
with guidance on each level, from implementation on the schools
to the institutionalisation throughout the educational system:

"How can we refuse if the Ministry of Education comes forward with a plan like this?!"
George Kabila, educationalist on the Dutch Embassy Kampala, 
vice-chairman of the Uganda Education Donor Group
"I take my hat off. You're doing extremely interesting things which help us to structurise our work." 
Anthony Crasner, senior policy maker at the EU Directorate-General 
Development ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific), 2010
"Straight from my heart"  
Teacher highschool Georgetown, British Guyana


Visualisation Project makes more sense for teaching than computers
 From a field mission to middle-income countries
on the Balkan 2009
In the Director's room laptops and digital projectors in unopened boxes are piled up against the wall. These arrived last year and still are waiting for teachers to use them. "After 20 years trying with them, I get fairly fed up with computers in the classroom", the German teacher (photo) expresses his feelings in perfect English. He is not surprised that in rich countries 70 to 80% of the teachers does not use them, although installed in their classrooms. For him and the headmaster, the visualisation project makes much more sense.

Teachers in midden and low-income countries
need in their classrooms robust and reliable tools  
The Visualisation Project introduces simple to use teaching aids, as below.
Put on - take off.

Just ask: "What tries this visual to explain?"

How fishes take in oxygen

One of the 600 large screen presentations for Biology

From 'chalk and talk' (repetitive learning) to visualisation,
interactivity and training of thinking skills for 5 key subjects

on each high school in 15 classrooms: powerful teaching tools for each lesson

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