Thursday, 13 May 2010

OLPC: a "Computer Error"?

"There appear to be cheaper, more effective ways to improve education 
in developing nations than the glitzy One Laptop per Child program…"

By Timothy Ogden (editor-in-chief of Philanthropy Action), August 20, 2009

Computer Error?
... In the last year, though, the news on OLPC has sharply soured. Technical difficulties slowed the development of the second generation of the laptop. The second year of the “Give One, Get One” promotion — which offered the people a chance to pay $399 for two laptops, one that they would keep, with the other sent to a developing nation — dramatically underperformed. Then in early January, the nonprofit OLPC announced that 50 percent of staff were being laid off and a major restructuring was under way. To even its most ardent supporters, the project seems nearly dead in the water.

And that may be great news for children in the developing world.

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