Thursday, 15 April 2010

Key constraints & waste in educational technology

Please check the Key constraints on pages 10 to 18, see below some key constraints. Will they be prominent in the debate and final policy advice, or just be ignored? Should these constraints be targeted first in every systematic strategy to bridge the digital divide?

Survey of ICT in Education in India and South Asia
Price Waterhouse Coopers India - commissioned by InfoDev, 2010

Launched in New Dehli with the debate: 'Most investment in technology in schools is wasted.' A live debate web-casted around the world 20-21 April. A InfoDef - UNESCO event
Curriculum & Content Development
e.g. page 10
Key constraints in developing relevant content:

• lack of IT professionals in the country
• lack of funding, infrastructure and resources
• lack of local content development initiatives
• no clear defined standards for digital educational contentno focus on digital content • in traditional curriculum areas

e.g. page 12
Key constraints in effective use of ICT for professional development:
• teacher attitudes towards ICT
• lack of relevant content
• lack of access to computers and the Internet after school
• lack of adequate funding and resources
• lack of training focusing on pedagogical innovation and learner-centered strategies

Here preliminary results Survey ICTs for Education
in India and South Asia

To close the digital divide systematically, see:

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