Monday, 29 March 2010

E-learning like e-gov?

Is the promise of e-governance in developing economies comparable with the use of e-learning? From rich countries we know that in time most problems with e-governance get solved and leads to more efficiency. This is not always true for teaching. This article shows some interesting similarities in the stages of implementation.

Is e-government a bad idea?

Mar 28th, 2010


Bahrain’s e-gov services are the most advanced in the region. But as other Arab states play catch up, some say this digital revolution makes life harder for the public, and that millions of dollars are wasted on expensive IT systems

For about a decade, the business of selling technology to government has come increasingly into the public awareness. According to analysis by the Economist last year, a lot of money is spent on e-government infrastructure, with questionable returns.
“So far… the story of e-government has been one of quantity, not quality. It has provided plenty of reason for skepticism and not much cause for enthusiasm,” said the Economist.
“Whereas e-commerce has been a spectacular success… e-government has yet to transform public administration. Indeed, its most conspicuous feature has been a colossal waste of taxpayers’ money on big computer systems, poorly thought out and overpriced,” the report added.

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