Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Summit on IT in eduction

In June 2009 an international summit on ICT (read IT) in education, EDUsummIT, was held in The Hague, Netherlands.
The summit gathered professionals, policy makers and researchers in the field of information technology and education to jointly discuss the implications of research findings for practice, policy and further research.
It's really worth browsing around the summit's website, watching interviews and contemplating the calls for actions. It's a delight to find views on ICT in education that are realistic - especially about its complexity. Even ways of researching the impact of ICT in education are intricate.

We enjoyed listening in to
Prof. Margaret Cox, King's College London – United Kingdom
- What do we know from research, and what research do you think is still needed for ICT in education?
- How do you propose this research should look like? Should these be case-studies, should these be experimental designs?

As always, we remain anxious to learn about the actual pedagogic and didactic strategies and benefits of ICT in education.

Visit the website for extensive information

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