Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Pupils prefer overhead projector 1

At the grassroots: pupils prefer the overhead projector

In the Balkans: Macedonia is pursuing a policy to become the regional IT hub, betting heavily on the benefits computer-based education. Meet Veronica and Maria, both 15 years old, as in I did in the Summer of 2009: they were happy to have received a computer from the government, like all students did last year (in a kind of 'One Laptop Per Child' approach) and they had ‘NET’ and MSN - all good fun! “But in the classroom the system is very bad. Most teachers were unable to use it and the computers did not help learning at all."

To my surprise they continued explaining that what really works is the overhead projector. Their biology teacher started using it last year and said it would be ideal for ALL teachers and students. I filmed their experiences at grass roots level and promised to show them to the Minister.
Veronica's and Maria's opinions were shared by all the students I investigated in three schools I visited in Macedonia.

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