Monday, 8 March 2010

Edu-tainment or progress in learning?

"Personal and real" How far should we bring down the role of the teacher and our own human senses? Can we be cynical and smirk after reading news like this?
From Singapore:

20 per cent of school curriculum to use IT by 2015

Fri, Mar 05, 2010 my paper BY PAMELA CHOW

STUDENTS of Yusof Ishak Secondary School are learning how to cook simple dishes during their home-economics lessons in virtual reality, thanks to a cooking game on the popular video- game console Nintendo Wii.
Madam Tay Pei Yun, a home-economics teacher at the school, said: "Students are more engaged and they look forward to the lessons... They've developed interest in the subject."

At Tao Nan School, pupils go on excursions to the zoo or the Botanic Gardens during science lessons, armed with Global Positioning System (GPS)-enabled personal digital assistants that give them tasks related to nearby plants or animals.

For them, "the experience becomes personal and real", said Mr Kwek Teng Hui, the level head for science at the primary school.

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