Friday, 19 March 2010

Pupils prefer overhead projector 2

Overhead projectors are better for both teachers and students

Mona explains that in her school, Gymnasium Tito, computers did not benefit students as much as expected because of the technical breakdowns which started within a few months of installation. But four teachers had started to use the OH-projector - a great support for learning confirmed by other students.

Most students are critical about IT and computer-based teaching and learning
We are no longer in the 90s, when faith in computer-based teaching and learning was unlimited. In every one of the ten Balkan countries visited in mid-2009 and early 2010, this is an obvious reaction of the young people I talked to about their classroom experiences. All are trained and knowledgable in using computers and the Internet, either at school or at home. Typically, when asked about computer reliuability, their eyes started to twinkle and they grin (“Are you joking, they result in entertainment, not learning”) and then explain, that computer use often results in having fun and wasting time. They prefer an approach in which they can learn more effectively. To them the overhead projector makes much more sense.

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